Language and Literacy
Langue et littératie

Volume 24, numéro 2, 2022

Sommaire (11 articles)


  1. Défis et facilitateurs lors de l’implantation de pratiques d’intervention naturalistes pour soutenir le développement de la littératie en milieu de garde éducatif à l’enfance
  2. Critical Literacy in Canada: A Systematic Review of Curricula and Literature
  3. Magic and Monsters: Collaborating with Googlei in Literacy Practices
  4. Composing meaning through multiliteracies and multimodality with adolescent and adult learners
  5. Culturally Relevant Model for Digital Language and Literacy Instruction
  6. Print Literacy Humiliation: Translanguaging and emotions with newcomer children
  7. Investigating Writing Instruction Practices for Students With Deafness and Hearing Loss
  8. ESL Writing Instruction in K-12 Settings: Pedagogical Approaches and Classroom Techniques
  9. Literacy Education in the Post-Truth Era: The Pedagogical Potential of Multiliteracies
  10. Exploring the Relationship Between Teacher and Multilingual Student Discourse During Small Group Text-Based Discussions
  11. When Learners Read in Two Languages: Understanding Chinese-English Bilingual Readers Through Miscue Analysis


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