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Language and Literacy

À propos

Language & Literacy is the peer-reviewed journal of the Language and Literacy Researchers of Canada (LLRC) of the Canadian Society for Studies in Education. Two issues are published each year (Spring and Fall), in addition to a special issue with papers from the LLRC annual conference. Language and Literacy is indexed in ProQuest and EBSCO.

The journal's main emphasis is on papers researching issues related to the nature, function and use of language and literacy in both formal and informal educational contexts and across the lifespan. This includes the history, development, use, learning and teaching of language and literacy, as well as policy. The journal is multi-disciplinary. We welcome education-related submissions from disciplines including: education, psychology, literacy studies, sociology, anthropology, historical and cultural studies, applied linguistics and social semiotics/multimodality. Research papers may address theoretical, methodological, or applied aspects of language and literacy in local and global contexts, and could be reviews of research issues.