Material Culture Review

Volume 73, 2011

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Front Matter

  1. Front Matter

Editorial / Éditorial

  1. Museums and their Collections: : Tangible and Intangible


  1. The Megaphone as Material Culture: : Design, Use and Symbolism in North American Society, 1878-1980
  2. Some Royal Provincial Belt Plates and the Revolutionary War: : Vanguard of British Neo-classicism in America?
  3. “Our Home in Harlow”: : Building an Identity of Place at a Local History Museum
  4. Connecting Through Collecting: : Locating Lacrosse Sticks in Frederick Wilkerson Waugh’s Collection from the Six Nations of the Grand River

Research Report / Essai de compte rondu d'exposition

  1. Fieldnotes of a Column Raising Ceremony: : Revitalizing the Wooden House in Cambodia

Exhibition Review / Compte rendu d’exposition

  1. Dutch New York Between East & West: : The World of Margrieta van Varick

Book Review Essays / Essais sur un compte rendu de livre

  1. A Guidebook to Contemporary Architecture in Montreal; A Guidebook to Contemporary Architecture in Toronto; A Guidebook to Contemporary Architecture in Vancouver

Book Review / Compte rendu de livre

  1. The Cultural Work of Photography in Canada

Contributors / Auteurs

  1. Contributors / Auteurs

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