McGill Law Journal

Volume 61, numéro 3, march 2016

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba. The article is partly based on his DCL thesis completed at McGill University’s Faculty of Law and supervised by Dr. Frédéric Mégret. The thesis was completed with the generous financial assistance of a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council doctoral fellowship and the O’Brien Fellowship in Human Rights and Legal Pluralism. The author thanks the Legal Research Institute at the University of Manitoba for providing research funding, Steven Falkingham for providing research assistance on this article, and Dr. Umut Özsu, Yassir Alnaji, Kamala Sundararajan, and JiHyun Youn for their helpful reviews.

Citation: (2016) 60:3 McGill LJ 461

Référence : (2016) 60:3 RD McGill 461

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  1. Resisting Criminal Organizations: Reconceptualizing the “Political” in International Refugee Law
  2. Can Better Law Be Married with Corrective Justice or Evil Laws?
  3. Non-Linear Innovation
  4. Les expulsions pour arriérés de loyer au Québec : un contentieux de masse
  5. La philosophie politique et le Code civil du Québec : l’exemple de la notion de patrimoine