Newfoundland and Labrador Studies

Volume 30, numéro 1, fall 2015

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Front Matter

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  1. “Took some photos. Everyone seems sorry I am going” : A New Consideration of Maud Karpeles’s 1929–1930 Newfoundland Folksong Fieldwork
  2. E. Mary Schwall : Traveller, Mission Volunteer, and Amateur Photographer

Research Notes

  1. “No More Giveaways!” Resource Nationalism in Newfoundland : A Case Study of Offshore Oil in the Peckford and Williams Administrations
  2. Conceptualizing Health Care in Rural and Remote Pre-Confederation Newfoundland as Ecosystem


  1. Mining Prospects, c. 1668, at a Prehistoric Soapstone Quarry in Fleur de Lys, Newfoundland


  1. Sean Cadigan. Death on Two Fronts: National Tragedies and the Fate of Democracy in Newfoundland, 1914–34
  2. Olaf U. Janzen. War and Trade in Eighteenth-Century Newfoundland
  3. Wayne Johnston. The Son of a Certain Woman
  4. Michael Winter. Minister Without Portfolio
  5. Nicholas Ruddock. How Loveta Got Her Baby
  6. Paul Bowdring. The Strangers’ Gallery
  7. Robert C. Thomsen. Nationalism in Stateless Nations: Selves and Others in Scotland and Newfoundland
  8. Ed Kavanagh. Strays