Canadian journal of library and information practice and research
Revue canadienne de la pratique et de la recherche en bibliothéconomie et sciences de l’information

Volume 15, numéro 2, 2020

Sommaire (12 articles)

Theory and Research / Théorie et recherche

  1. Diversity in Public Library Boards: Perspectives of Board Members
  2. Web-scale Discovery Service Adoption in Canadian Academic Libraries
  3. Ontario Public Library Websites and the Framing of Disability
  4. Walk-In Users and Their Access to Online Resources in Canadian Academic Libraries
  5. The Public Librarian Low-Morale Experience: A Qualitative Study

Innovations in Practice / Innovations en pratique

  1. Academic Librarian Collaborations in Inquiry Based Learning: A Case Study, Reflections and Strategies
  2. Institutional Literacy and Libraries: Addressing Library Anxiety with a Personal Librarian Program

Features / En vedette

  1. Crowing About Confidence: Technological Self-Efficacy in Academic Libraries
  2. The Fabulousness and the Fury: Preparing for a Drag Queen Storytime
  3. Student Work in VCC Libraries: From Mannequins in the Library to a Car on the Third Floor

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus


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