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Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net

Numéro 56, november 2009

Sommaire (37 articles)


  1. At the Surface of Romantic Interiority: Joanna Baillie’s Orra
  2. Marjory Fleming and Child Authors: The Total Depravity of Inanimate Things
  3. What Wordsworth Planted
  4. ‘The Sultan’s self shan’t carry me’: Negotiations of harem fantasies in Byron’s Don Juan
  5. Apocalypse Narrative, Chaotic System: Gilbert White’s Natural History of Selborne and Modern Ecology
  6. Crossing and Transgressing Borders in The Heart of Midlothian
  7. Scott Squashed: Chapbook Versions of The Heart of Mid-Lothian
  8. William Wordsworth’s Definition of Poverty
  9. Abjection and the Melancholic Imagination: Towards a Poststructuralist Psychoanalytic Reading of Blake’s The Book of Urizen
  10. “Mere Matter:” Causality, Subjectivity and Aesthetic Form in Erasmus Darwin



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