Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net

Numéro 57-58, february–may 2010 Romantic Cultures of Print Sous la direction de Andrew Piper et Jonathan Sachs

Sommaire (55 articles)

  1. Introduction: Romantic Cultures of Print – From Miscellaneity to Dialectic


  1. Mediating Print Culture: Censorship, Revolutionary Journalism and the Manifesto of Equals
  2. What Jane Austen Read (in the Hampshire Chronicle)
  3. Reading the Late-Romantic Lending Library: Authorship and the Anxiety of Anonymity in E. T. A. Hoffmann’s Late Work
  4. Virtual Topography: Poets, Painters, Publishers and the Reproduction of the Landscape in the Early Nineteenth Century
  5. Fantasies of Immediacy, or, the Boundaries of the Book in Eighteenth Century Travel Narratives
  6. Radical Sympathy: Periodical Circulation and the Peterloo Massacre
  7. “Periodical Performance”: The Figure of the Editor in Nineteenth-Century Literary Magazines
  8. The Romantic Lecture in an Age of Paper (Money): Jean Paul’s Literary Aesthetics across Print and Orality
  9. Acts of Aesthetics: Publishing as Recursive Agency in the Long Eighteenth Century
  10. Spurgeon, Byron, and the Contingencies of Mediation



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