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Numéro 61, april 2012 Coleridge and his Circle: New Perspectives Sous la direction de Tim Fulford

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  1. Coleridge and his Circle: New Perspectives


  1. Catherine the Great: Coleridge, Byron, and Erotic Politics on the Eastern Front
  2. Coleridge and Communication
  3. Measuring Distance, Pointing Address: The Textual Geography of the 'Poem to Coleridge' and 'To W. Wordsworth'
  4. Coleridge on Broad Stand
  5. Coleridge’s Visions of 1816: the Political Unconscious and the Poetic Fragment
  6. “You have not advertised out of it”: Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Francis Jeffrey on Authorship, Networks and Personalities
  7. Southey’s “New System”: the monitorial controversy and the making of the “entire man of letters”
  8. Coleridge’s Ecumenical Spinoza


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