Romanticism on the Net

Numéro 17, february 2000 After Romantic Ideology Sous la direction de Michael John Kooy

Sommaire (19 articles)


  1. After Romantic Ideology - A Special Issue of Romanticism On the Net


  1. 'One Consciousness', Historical Criticism and the Romantic Canon
  2. Coleridge's Discursive "Monody on the Death of Chatterton"
  3. 'The Eucharist of Hell'; or, Eating People is Right: Romantic Representations of Cannibalism
  4. 'A Female Band despising Nature's Law': Botany, Gender and Revolution in the 1790s
  5. The Legibility of Liber Amoris
  6. Ideologies in Readings of the Late Coleridge: Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit
  7. In what Sense "Communis"? Kantian Aesthetics and Romantic Ideology


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