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Numéro 46, may 2007 Romantic Spectacle Sous la direction de John Halliwell et Ian Haywood

Sommaire (18 articles)

  1. Romantic Spectacle – An Introduction


  1. The Virtual Infernal: Philippe de Loutherbourg, William Beckford and the Spectacle of the Sublime
  2. Between the Virtual and the Actual: Robert Barker's Panorama of London and the Multiplication of the Real in late eighteenth-century London
  3. Radicalism, Visual Culture, and Spectacle in the 1790s
  4. Horrid Scenes and Marvellous Sights: The Citizen-Soldier and Sir Robert Ker Porter’s Spectacle of War
  5. Drama Boxiana: Spectacle and Theatricality in Pierce Egan’s Pugilistic Writing
  6. The Ideology of the Unspectacular: Theatricality and Charles Lamb’s Essayistic Figure
  7. Sympathy in Translation: Paul et Virginie on the London Stage
  8. Images of Virtue: Reading, Reformation and the Visualization of Culture in Rousseau’s La Nouvelle Héloïse
  9. Two Masquerades and their Spec(tac)ular Effects in Mary Robinson’s Walsingham
  10. Conscripting Imagination: The National “Duty” of William Blake’s Art
  11. “Isn’t She Painted Con Amore?” Fraser’s Magazine and the Spectacle of Female Genius
  12. “Happy Copulation”: Blake, visual enthusiasm and gallery culture


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