Romanticism on the Net

Numéro 41-42, february–may 2006 Romanticism on the Net 1996-2006: Celebrating Ten Years of Online Publishing Sous la direction de Dino Franco Felluga

Sommaire (14 articles)

  • Introduction: Skeuomorphs and Anti-Time
  • I. The Rossetti Archive, the Blake Archive, and Romantic Circles as Case Studies: The Transformation and Future of Romantic Scholarship

    1. Crafting Editorial Settlements
    2. Blake’s Virtual Designs and Reconstruction of The Song of Los
    3. Digital Romanticism in the Age of Neo-Luddism: the Romantic Circles Experiment
    4. From Text to Work: Digital Tools and the Emergence of the Social Text

    II. Neuromanticism

    1. Telepathos: Medium Cool Romanticism
    2. Romanticism’s Scattered Leaves
    3. Growing Intimate With Monsters: Shelley Jackson’s Patchwork Girl and the Gothic Nature of Hypertext
    4. Techno-Prosthetic Romantic Futurism


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