Romanticism on the Net

Numéro 21, february 2001 Romanticism and Science Fictions Sous la direction de Robert Corbett

Sommaire (13 articles)

  1. Romanticism and Science Fictions - A Special Issue of Romanticism On the Net


  1. 'Here is thy fitting Temple': Science, Technology and Fiction in Shelley's Queen Mab
  2. Science Fiction and Techno-Gothic Drama: Romantic Playwrights Joanna Baillie and Jane Scott
  3. Coleridge's 'Poetic Faith' and Poe's Scientific Hoax
  4. Dystopian Futures: Time-Travel and Millenarian Visions in the Poetry of Anna Barbauld and Charlotte Smith
  5. Imperial Measures: Dune, Ecology and Romantic Consumerism
  6. (In)alienable Rights: Property, Feminism, and the Female Body from Ann Radcliffe to the Alien Films
  7. Frankie and Johnny: Shelley, Gibson, and Hollywood's Love Affair with the Cyborg


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