Romanticism on the Net

Numéro 23, august 2001 Romanticism and Sexuality Sous la direction de Richard C. Sha

Sommaire (14 articles)

  1. Romanticism and Sexuality - A Special Issue of Romanticism On the Net


  1. Paranoid Poetics: Byron, Schreber, Freud
  2. Pseudonymity, Passing, and Queer Biography: The Case of Mary Diana Dods
  3. The Regeneration of the Body: Sex, Religion and the Sublime in James Graham's Temple of Health and Hymen
  4. Scientific Forms of Sexual Knowledge in Romanticism
  5. British Women Playwrights and the Staging of Female Sexual Initiation: Sophia Lee's The Chapter of Accidents (1780)
  6. Romanticism, Materialism, and the Origins of Modern Pornography


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