Studies in Canadian Literature / Études en littérature canadienne

Volume 23, numéro 1, winter 1998

Sommaire (16 articles)

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    Introduction: Mapping the Ground
    Mapping Culture onto Geography: 'Distance from the Fort' in Samuel Hearne's Journal
    "Lords of the World": Writing Gender and Imperialism on Northern Space in C.C. Vyvyan's Artic Adventure
    A Geography of "Snow": Reading Notes
    (Re) Writing Home: Daphne Marlatt's Ghost Works
    Literary Sites and Cultural Properties in Canadian Poetry
    Rendre l'espace lisible : le Récit de voyage au XIXe siècle
    Du rivage au terroir: L'expulsion de la mer de la littérature canadienne au XIXe siècle
    Overcoming the Two Solitudes of Canadian Literary Regionalism
    Iconicity, Space, and the Place of Sharon Butala's "The Prize"
    L'invention romanesque de noms réels : Kamouraska et la métaphore toponymique
    Espace national et espace lettéraire dans l'oeuvre de Victor-Lévy Beaulieu
    Strange Fugitive, Strange City: Reading Urban Space in Morley Callaghan's Toronto
    Landscape's Narrative: Doing the Malcolm Lowry Walk
    "A Reader's Guide to the Intersection of Time and Space": Urban Spatialization in Hugh Hood's Around the Mountain
    Urban Space and barstool flânerie in Gail Scott's Main Brides