Studies in Canadian Literature

Volume 31, numéro 1, 2006 "For The Love of Words": Aboriginal Writers of Canada

Sommaire (20 articles)

  1. it’s all good this
  2. Introduction From Conference to Special Issue:: Selected Articles on “The Love of Words”
  3. Sweeping
  4. Opening Address
  5. shorelines
  6. Keynote Address: The Aesthetic Qualities of Aboriginal Writing
  7. Les Animaux
  8. The Grandmother Language:: Writing Community Process in Jeannette Armstrong’s whispering in shadows
  9. making elbow room for poetry and that last bus down sergeant
  10. How He Served
  11. Understanding Cree Protocol in the Shifting Passages of “Old Keyam”
  12. Keynote Address:: The Rolling Head’s “Grave” yard
  13. Writing Voices Speaking:: The Aesthetic of Talk in Thomas King’s Medicine River
  14. Intersections of Memory, Ancestral Language, and Imagination; or, the Textual Production of Michif Voices as Cultural Weaponry
  15. “A Weasel Pops In and Out of Old Tunes”:: Exchanging Words
  16. the prayer song
  17. “The Song I am Singing”:: Gregory Scofield’s Interweavings of Métis, Gay and Jewish Selfhoods
  18. “How Come These Guns are so Tall”:: Anti-corporate Resistance in Marvin Francis’s City Treaty
  19. Afterword Sources of Inspiration: The Birth of “For the Love of Words”: Aboriginal Writers of Canada
  20. Notes on Contributors

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