Studies in Canadian Literature

Volume 31, Number 1, 2006 "For The Love of Words": Aboriginal Writers of Canada

Table of contents (20 articles)

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  • it’s all good this
  • Introduction From Conference to Special Issue:: Selected Articles on “The Love of Words”
  • Sweeping
  • Opening Address
  • shorelines
  • Keynote Address: The Aesthetic Qualities of Aboriginal Writing
  • Les Animaux
  • The Grandmother Language:: Writing Community Process in Jeannette Armstrong’s whispering in shadows
  • making elbow room for poetry and that last bus down sergeant
  • How He Served
  • Understanding Cree Protocol in the Shifting Passages of “Old Keyam”
  • Keynote Address:: The Rolling Head’s “Grave” yard
  • Writing Voices Speaking:: The Aesthetic of Talk in Thomas King’s Medicine River
  • Intersections of Memory, Ancestral Language, and Imagination; or, the Textual Production of Michif Voices as Cultural Weaponry
  • “A Weasel Pops In and Out of Old Tunes”:: Exchanging Words
  • the prayer song
  • “The Song I am Singing”:: Gregory Scofield’s Interweavings of Métis, Gay and Jewish Selfhoods
  • “How Come These Guns are so Tall”:: Anti-corporate Resistance in Marvin Francis’s City Treaty
  • Afterword Sources of Inspiration: The Birth of “For the Love of Words”: Aboriginal Writers of Canada
  • Notes on Contributors
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