Simmel Studies

Volume 23, numéro 1, 2019 Simmel as Educator Sous la direction de Matthieu Amat et Fabio D’Andrea

Donald N. Levine (*June 16, 1931 — † April 4, 2015) in memoriam

Sommaire (8 articles)

  1. Introduction
  2. Teaching Life. The Education of a Modern Personality
  3. Simmel: Bildung as the Form of Subjectivity
  4. What Is a Class? On the Simmelian Art of Learning and Teaching
  5. Simmel and his Lectures on Education in the Context of German Progressive Education
  6. Enabling the Individual: Simmel, Dewey and “The Need for a Philosophy of Education”
  7. Pedagogical Implications of Simmel's Relativism. The Strasbourg Lectures on Pedagogy (1915-1916)
  8. Eros as Educator in the Era of Advanced Monetary Economy: Simmel’s Social Metaphysics of the Erotic Being

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