Simmel Studies

Volume 24, numéro 2, 2020 Simmel in Latinamerica Sous la direction de Esteban Vernik

Sommaire (7 articles)

  1. Introduction. Heritage from Simmel in Latinamerica
  2. A Gloss on the State Theory of Money: Simmel and Knapp
  3. On Georg Simmel's Einleitung in die Moralwissenschaft: Preliminary Methods, Problems, and Concepts for a Critique of Modern Monetary Economics
  4. The Metropolis and Nose Life. Sensory Memories, Odors and Emotions
  5. Humiliation. Social Anatomy of a Dark Emotion
  6. On the Extension of the Present Time. Accounts for a Temporally Oriented Sociology with Georg Simmel: Insights Regarding a Research Experience
  7. Translation of Simmel's Works and Writings to Spanish and Portuguese (1915-2018)/ Bibliography about Simmel in Spanish and Portuguese (1915-2018)

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