The Trumpeter
Journal of Ecosophy

Volume 34, numéro 1, 2018 Focus on Laudato Si'

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  1. Techno-Science, Integral Thought, and the Reality of Limits in Laudato Si’
  2. “It Cannot Be Emphasized Enough How Everything Is Interconnected”: Ecological Wisdom, Cross-Cultural Insight, and Pope Francis’ Social Teaching
  3. Climate Change and Integral Ecology
  4. The Imagination of Interconnection: Laudato Si’ and Celtic Christian Spirituality
  5. Proposing an Examen for Living the Ecology of Daily Life and Building a Culture of Care
  6. Eco-Tethered Liberation: A New Spirituality for the Anthropocene


  1. Nana Log
  2. Green Moments of Separation
  3. Three Natural Philosophers
  4. Updraft and Breathing with Boulders


  1. Scott's Beaver
  2. Green Burial, Home Burial: A Return to Redbud Hill
  3. Caring for the Domus: On the Evolution of Ecopoetics in the West
  4. Obscured by Cloud: Educating in the Anthropocene

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