The Trumpeter
Journal of Ecosophy

Volume 38, numéro 1, 2022

Sommaire (21 articles)


  1. Editorial


  1. DRENGSON, Alan (1934-2022)
  2. FOREMAN, Dave (1946-2022)



  1. The Language of Ecopoetry and the Transfer of Meaning
  2. Ecofeminist Poetry as Living on Earth with Attention and Care
  3. The Manfred Max-Neef Thinking: A Deep Economy Rooted in the Eco-philosophical Perspective of the Deep Ecology

Essays and Narratives

  1. Forests Fanned by Waves: Embodied Ways of Knowing in a Mangrove Landscape
  2. Daughter of the Iris
  3. The Holy Spirit Is a Bird in Flight: Reimagining the Sacred with Mark Wallace and Tanya Luhrmann
  4. Cactus: Thoughts on Home, Grammar, and Personhood


  1. Two Poems
  2. A Burning Crisis
  3. Two Poems
  4. Three Poems

Book & Film Reviews


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