Urban History Review

Volume 10, numéro 1, june 1981

Sommaire (14 articles)

  • Provincial Land Use Planning Initiatives in the Town of Kapuskasing
  • Dr. Philippe Hamel and the Public Power Movement in Quebec City, 1929-1934: The Failure of a Crusade
  • A Cautious Elite: Toronto's Reluctant Entrance into the Railway Mania of the 1850s
  • Montreal's Italians and the Socio-Economy of Settlement, 1900-1930: Some Historical Hypotheses
  • Notes and Comments / Notes et Commentaires
  • Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

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  • Theses Abstracts / Résumés des Thèses / Melvin Baker, "The Government of St. John's, Newfoundland, 1800-1921." Ph.D. Thesis, Department of History, University of Western Ontario, 1980 / G. Lavigne, « La formation d’un quartier ethnique : les portugais à Montréal. » Thèse de Ph.D., Faculté d’Aménagement, Université de Montréal, 1979 / Jean Query, « Montréal sous l’occupation américaine, 1774-1776 : répercussions socio-économiques. » Thèse de M.A., Département d’histoire, Université de Montréal, 1978 / T.R. Bird, "Cultural Conflict and Crime Among Irish Immigrants in Hamilton, Ontario in 1891." M.A. Thesis, Department of Geography, Queen's University, 1977 / C.J. Hall, "The Image of the Small Ontario Town in Fiction, 1900-1918: A Case Study in Humanistic Geography." M.A. Thesis, Department of Geography, Queen's University, 1979 / T.C. Carter, "A Profile of Tenants in Central Edmonton: Their Characteristics and Housing Preferences." M.A. Thesis, Department of Georgaphy, University of Alberta, 1978 / H.P. Eliasoph, "Edmonton's Impact on Surrounding Urban Centres." M.A. Thesis, Department of Geography, University of Alberta, 1978 / C. Jeffares, "Dawson City, Yukon Territory: An Evaluation of Factors Contributing to its Renewed Viability." M.A. Thesis, Department of Geography, University of Alberta, 1977
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