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Urban History Review
Revue d'histoire urbaine

Volume 12, numéro 2, october 1983 Perspectives on Sports and Urban Studies

Sommaire (29 articles)

  1. The Queen Elizabeth Way: Public Utility Versus Public Space

Perspectives on Sports and Urban Studies

  1. Canadian Sports History: Some Comments to Urban Historians
  2. The Urban Response to the Demand for Sporting Facilities: A Study of Ten Ontario Towns/Cities, 1919-1939
  3. Sports Promotion in the Western Canadian City: The Example of Early Edmonton
  4. One Solution to the Urban Crisis: Manly Sports and Winnipeggers, 1900-1914
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Research Notes / Notes de recherche

  1. Boards of Trade and Canadian Urban Development
  1. Contributors
  2. Notes and Comments: The Metropolis: A Conference in Honour of Hans Blumenfeld; Urban Parks in Canada: Life Cycle of a Landscape, March 1984; Cities of the World Supplement; Recent Publications
  3. Bibliography: Recent Publications Relating to Canada's Urban Past / Bibliographie : Contributions récentes à l’histoire urbaine du Canada

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

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Book Notes / Notes bibliographiques

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