Urban History Review

Volume 12, numéro 3, february 1984

Sommaire (15 articles)


  1. The Process of "Urbanization" in the Countryside: A Study of Huron and Bruce Counties, 1891-1981
  2. The Best Advertisement a City Can Have: Public Health Services in Vancouver, 1886-1888
  3. Flin Flon: A Study of Company-Community Relations in a Single Enterprise Community
  4. Keeper of the King's Peace: Colonel G.E. Sanders and the Calgary Police Magistrate's Court, 1911-1932

Research Notes  / Notes de recherche

  1. Visual Records and Urban Development
  2. Canadian Architectural Archives at the University of Calgary Libraries
  1. Contributors
  2. Notes and Comments : Urban and Local Politics Programme; Special Issue of Urban History Review; Urban Affairs Association; The University in the Inner City; Call for Papers; Publications; New Reference Text; Urban Innovation in Fiscal Management; Report of the Canadian Urban History Association; Fourth Canadian Congress on Leisure Research; The Metropolis, A Conference

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