Urban History Review
Revue d'histoire urbaine

Volume 15, numéro 1, june 1986 Special Issue on the History of Canadian Housing Policy Sous la direction de J. David Hulchanski Sous la direction de J. David Hulchanski

Sommaire (36 articles)

  1. General Introduction to the Issue


  1. Canadian Housing "Policy" in Perspective
  2. The 1935 Dominion Housing Act: Setting the Stage for a Permanent Federal Presence in Canada's Housing Sector
  3. Wartime Housing Limited, 1941 - 1947: Canadian Housing Policy at the Crossroads
  1. International Urban Bibliography: Recent Publications in Urban History / Bibliographie du monde urbain : Publications récentes en histoire urbaine
  2. Contributors / Collaborateurs
  3. Notes and Comments: National Building Museum; French City Assembly; Conferences; Publications

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

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