Volume 41, Number 2, Summer/Autumn 2012

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Front Matter

Macnutt Lecture


  1. The Struggle over Slavery in the Maritime Colonies
  2. Teaching the “Morally and Economically Destitute”: : 19th-Century Adult Education Efforts in Newfoundland
  3. No Choice But to Look Elsewhere: : Attracting Immigrants to Newfoundland, 1840-1890
  4. La reconnaissance législative accordée aux Acadiens du Nouveau-Brunswick avant la Confédération (1784 à 1867)


Review Essays/Notes Critiques

Back Matter

  1. Back Matter


  1. “Ushered into the Kitchen”: : Lalia Halfkenny, Instructor of English and Elocution at a 19th-Century African American Women’s College

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