Volume 46, Number 2, Summer/Autumn 2017

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Front Matter

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Historiographic Commentary/Commentaire historiographique



  1. Wəlastəkwey (Maliseet) Homeland: Waterscapes and Continuity within the Lower St. John River Valley, 1784-1900
  2. How to Win Friends and Trade with People: Southern Inuit, George Cartwright, and Labrador Households, 1763 to 1809
  3. “The school book question is a farce”: Free Textbook Provision in Nova Scotia, 1864-1944
  4. De l’ACJA à l’ACJC ou de l’Action nationale à l’Action catholique : associations jeunesse et mobilisations collectives en Acadie, 1908-1942
  5. Sociology by Anthropologists: A Chapter in the History of an Academic Discipline in Newfoundland during the 1960s

Present and Past/Présent et Passé

Review Essays/Notes Critiques

In Memoriam

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