Atlantic Geology

Volume 21, Number 1-2-3, April 1985

Table of contents (8 articles)

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    Origin of bedding-concordant auriferous quartz veins, Meguma Terrane, Nova Scotia
    Lithostratigraphy of the Late Devonian-Early Carboniferous Horton Group of the Moncton Subbasin, southern New Brunswick


    1985 Symposium: Tectonic Models for the Evolution of the Appalachian Region : Atlantic Geoscience Society


    The trace fossil Yakutatia emersoni from the Matapedia Basin of New Brunswick and southeast Gaspé - its first reported occurrence outside of Alaska
    Paleomagnetism of the Avalonian Finn Hill sequence of Eastern Newfoundland, Canada
    Algal swamp, marginal and shallow evaporitic lacustrine lithofacies from the late Devonian - early Carboniferous Albert Formation, southeastern New Brunswick, Canada
    Beaconites antarcticus in the (?Middle) Late Devonian McAras Brook Formation, Cape George, Nova Scotia


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