Atlantic Geology

Volume 24, Number 2, August 1988

Table of contents (7 articles)

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    Anatomy of a telescoped pull-apart basin: an example from the Cambro-Ordovician rocks in the Antigonish Highlands of Nova Scotia
    Late Ordovician-Early Silurian trace fossils from the Matapedia Group, Tobique River, western New Brunswick, Canada. II. Additional discoveries with descriptions and comments
    Enigmatic linear furrows and pits on the upper continental slope, northwest Labrador Sea: are they sediment furrows or feeding traces?
    Superposed Late Paleozoic thermal events in the southwestern Meguma Terrane, Nova Scotia
    The Hanna Farm pluton, Cobequid Highlands: petrology and significance for motion on the Kirkhill fault


    1988 Colloquium, Antigonish Nova Scotia : Atlantic Geoscience Society
    1988 Annual Technical Meeting : Geological Association of Canada Newfoundland Section