Atlantic Geology

Volume 30, Number 3, November 1994

Table of contents (8 articles) 


    The Noggin Cove Formation: a Middle Ordovician back-arc basin deposit in northeastern Newfoundland
    Isocrinid crinoids from the late Cenozoic of Jamaica
    The nature and origin of enclaves in four peraluminous granitoid intrusions from the Meguma Zone, Nova Scotia
    Palichnology of the Lower Devonian Wapske Formation, Perth-Andover-Mount Carleton region, northwestern New Brunswick, eastern Canada
    Early Carboniferous gabbro and basalt in the St. Peters area, southern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
    Note: U-Pb baddeleyite dating clarifies age of characteristic paleomagnetic remanence of Long Range dykes, southeastern Labrador




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