Atlantic Geology

Volume 32, Number 1, Spring 1996

Table of contents (6 articles) 

Editor's Note

    Special Issue: Magdalen Basin Project - Foreword


    Stratigraphic and geochemical constraints on the relative age of the Margaree Shear Zone in western Cape Breton Island, with implications for the early evolution of the Maritimes Basin
    Stratigraphy and tectonic history of the Upper Devonian to Lower Carboniferous Horton Bluff Formation, Nova Scotia
    The stratigraphy and geochemistry of late Devonian to early Carboniferous volcanic rocks of the northern Chignecto peninsula, Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia
    Burial diagenesis model for the Macumber Formation on Cape Breton Island - implications for the tectonic evolution of the Windsor Group


    Atlantic Geoscience Society - 1996 Colloquium and General Meeting