Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada
Cahiers de la Société bibliographique du Canada

Volume 60, 2023

Table of contents (15 articles)

Articles / Articles

  1. In Search of a “Newer and Truer” Literature: Thomas Phillips Thompson and The Labor Advocate
  2. The Reader, the Writer, and the Book in How to Make Love to a Negro Without Getting Tired by Dany Laferrière
  3. Re-examining “the Book” through Ancient Egyptian Tomb Walls
  4. In Covers Green and Gold: Fin-de-siècle Evelina
  5. Le temps des fascicules : entre pratiques périodiques et pratiques livresques
  6. Making a Difference: Canadian Women Writers and the Fiction of Social Justice

Reviews / Comptes rendus

  1. Georgina Colby, Kaja Marczewska, and Leigh Wilson (eds.), The Contemporary Small Press: Making Publishing Visible (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020), 281 pp. US $126 (Softcover) ISBN 978-3-03-048783-6
  2. Ana Utsch, Rééditer Don Quichotte. Matérialité du livre dans la France du XIXe siècle, Paris : Classiques Garnier, 2020, 315 p., 38 € (broché) ISBN 978-2-406-09556-9
  3. Rémi Jimenes, Claude Garamont, typographe de l’humanisme. Avant-propos d’André Jammes. Paris : Éditions des Cendres, 2022. 281 p., 39 € (broché à rabats), ISBN 978-8674311-6
  4. Lucie Barette, Corset de papier : Une histoire de la presse féminine, Paris : éditions divergences, 2022, 136 p., 26,95 $ (broché) ISBN 979-10-97088-45-3
  5. Lise Jaillant, Literary Rebels: A History of Creative Writers in Anglo-American Universities (Oxford: Oxford UP 2023), 288 pp. US $40 (Hardback) ISBN 978-0-192-85530-5
  6. G. Thomas Tanselle, Books in My Life, edited by David L. Vander Meulen (Charlottesville: Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia, 2021), 367 pp, $60.00 (cloth) ISBN 978-1-88363-121-5
  7. Alison Hedley, Making Pictorial Print: Media Literacy and Mass Culture in British Magazines, 1885-1918, “Studies in Book and Print Culture” (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2021), xii, 248 pp., CAD $85.00 (Hardcover) ISBN 978-1-4875-0673-5, CAD $85.00 (EPUB) ISBN 978-1-4875-3475-2, CAD $85.00 (PDF) ISBN 978-1-4875-3474-5
  8. Kirsten MacLeod. American Little Magazines of the Fin de Siècle: Art, Protest, and Cultural Transformation (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2018), 508 pp. $106 (Hardback) ISBN 978-1-442-64316-1
  9. Reid Byers, The Private Library (New Castle: Delaware, Oak Knoll Press: 2021), 540pp. US $85 (Hardback) ISBN 9781584563884


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