Canadian Journal of Higher Education

Volume 48, Number 2, 2018

Table of contents (14 articles)


  1. Humanities PhD Graduates: Desperately Seeking Careers?
  2. New Universities’ Organizational Identities Through Presidential Lenses
  3. Knowledge Mobilization as a Tool of Institutional Governance: Exploring Academics’ Perceptions of “Going Public”
  4. Counsellor-in-Residence: Evaluation of a Residence-Based Initiative to Promote Student Mental Health
  5. Predictors of Student Success in Canadian Polytechnics and CEGEPs
  6. Academic Drift in Canadian Institutions of Higher Education: Research Mandates, Strategy, and Culture
  7. “Hungry for an Education”: Prevalence and Outcomes of Food Insecurity Among Students at a Primarily Undergraduate University in Rural Nova Scotia
  8. Experiences of Food Insecurity Among Undergraduate Students: “You Can’t Starve Yourself Through School”
  9. Levels and Prevalence of Mental Health Functioning in Canadian University Student-Athletes
  10. Beyond Face Value: A Policy Analysis of Employment Equity Programs and Reporting in Ontario Public Colleges

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