Culture and Local Governance
Culture et gouvernance locale

Volume 5, Number 1-2, 2015 Special Double Issue on Cultural Mapping in Planning and Development Contexts Guest-edited by Nancy Duxbury and Sharon Jeannotte

Table of contents (11 articles)

  1. Positioning Cultural Mapping in Local Planning and Development Contexts: An Introduction

Politics and power in cultural mapping

  1. Cultural Mapping and Urban Regeneration: Analyzing Emergent Narratives about Bilbao
  2. Diversity in the Maps of a Lisbon Neighbourhood: Community and ‘Official’ Discourses about the Renewed Mouraria
  3. Theatre City: On Design in the Interplay of Social and Material Space (Teatro Oficina, Bixiga, São Paulo)

Techniques and technologies

  1. Mapping Culture in the Waterloo Region: Exploring Dispersed Cultural Communities and Clustered Cultural Scenes in a Medium-sized City Region
  2. Neighbourhood Cultural Mapping: Lessons Learned from a Pilot Project in Bayshore
  3. Cultural Planning in the Eastern Pori Suburbs: Applicability of the Approach?
  4. Arteria – A Regional Cultural Mapping Project in Portugal

Participation and inclusion

  1. Mapping the Intangibilities of the Historic Centre of Porto: ParticipA(C)TION (and its Challenges) in Cultural Mapping Projects
  2. Identifications, Cultures, and ‘Groupness’: Reflecting on Culture from Ethnographic Research in Argentina
  3. Engaging Citizens in Cultural Planning with a Web Map Survey


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