Culture and Local Governance
Culture et gouvernance locale

Volume 5, numéro 1-2, 2015 Special Double Issue on Cultural Mapping in Planning and Development Contexts Sous la direction de Nancy Duxbury et Sharon Jeannotte

Sommaire (11 articles)

  1. Positioning Cultural Mapping in Local Planning and Development Contexts: An Introduction

Politics and power in cultural mapping

  1. Cultural Mapping and Urban Regeneration: Analyzing Emergent Narratives about Bilbao
  2. Diversity in the Maps of a Lisbon Neighbourhood: Community and ‘Official’ Discourses about the Renewed Mouraria
  3. Theatre City: On Design in the Interplay of Social and Material Space (Teatro Oficina, Bixiga, São Paulo)

Techniques and technologies

  1. Mapping Culture in the Waterloo Region: Exploring Dispersed Cultural Communities and Clustered Cultural Scenes in a Medium-sized City Region
  2. Neighbourhood Cultural Mapping: Lessons Learned from a Pilot Project in Bayshore
  3. Cultural Planning in the Eastern Pori Suburbs: Applicability of the Approach?
  4. Arteria – A Regional Cultural Mapping Project in Portugal

Participation and inclusion

  1. Mapping the Intangibilities of the Historic Centre of Porto: ParticipA(C)TION (and its Challenges) in Cultural Mapping Projects
  2. Identifications, Cultures, and ‘Groupness’: Reflecting on Culture from Ethnographic Research in Argentina
  3. Engaging Citizens in Cultural Planning with a Web Map Survey


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