Canadian Medical Education Journal
Revue canadienne de l'éducation médicale

Volume 12, Number 2, 2021

Table of contents (30 articles)


Major Contributions

  1. First year medical student experiences with a clinical skills seminar emphasizing sexual and gender minority population complexity
  2. Physician engagement in regularly scheduled rounds
  3. Technology readiness of medical students and the association of technology readiness with specialty interest
  4. Exploring resident perceptions of initial competency based medical education implementation

Brief Reports

  1. Utilization of evidence-based tools and medical education literature by Canadian postgraduate program directors in the teaching and assessment of the CanMEDS roles
  2. Factors influencing rheumatology residents’ decision on future practice location
  3. Dedicated Assessors: description of an innovative education intervention to facilitate direct observation in the clinical setting

Review Papers and Meta-Analyses

  1. Mindfulness-based stress reduction for medical students: a narrative review

Black Ice

  1. Ten ways to get a grip on designing and implementing a competency-based medical education training program
  2. Six ways to get a grip on teaching medical trainees on the convergence of Indigenous knowledges and biomedicine, within a culturally-safe Indigenous health curriculum


  1. An equity-oriented admissions model for Indigenous student recruitment in an undergraduate medical education program

You Should Try This

  1. Implementation and evaluation of “I-Guide,” a pilot near-peer Internal Medicine mentorship program
  2. Development of a medical education podcast in obstetrics and gynecology
  3. Teaching bone marrow procedures at pelvic and sternal sites: a high fidelity anatomy simulation

Commentary and Opinions

  1. Impact of COVID 19 pandemic on the academics and psychology of final year medical students
  2. Inspiration amidst crisis: e-learning in a medical school of Nepal during COVID-19 pandemic
  3. How have digital resources been utilised in times of COVID-19? Opinions of medical students based in the United Kingdom
  4. The ongoing need for feminism in medicine
  5. Virtual education revolution during the COVID-19 pandemic: the introduction of national educational rounds in sport and exercise medicine
  6. Pandemic productivity: competitive pressure on medical students during the COVID-19 pandemic
  7. Clinical teaching culture in hospital pharmacy and medicine

Letters to the Editor / Lettre à l’éditeur


  1. Changes to pediatric resident medical education during COVID-19
  2. Internal medicine residents’ and program directors’ perception of virtual interviews during COVID-19: a national survey
  3. Assessing online learning readiness and perceived stress among first year medical students during COVID-19 pandemic: a multi-country study




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