Critical Studies in Improvisation
Études critiques en improvisation

Volume 14, Number 1, 2021 Improvisation, Musical Communities, and the COVID-19 Pandemic Guest-edited by Daniel Fischlin, Laura Risk and Jesse Stewart

Table of contents (35 articles)


  1. The Poetics of Engagement: Improvisation, Musical Communities, and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Improvising Creative Responses to the Pandemic

  1. moojigizi
  2. Cri du cœur
  3. "Notes Turn Into Angel Wings and Fly Upward": A Small Journal Kept During the COVID-19 Crisis, Phase One
  4. Holding Space in these Uncertain Times
  5. Very Urgent: Music of Desperation and Purpose in the Oakland of 2020
  6. Imagining Outside of a Pandemic: A Response from a Queer Improvising Percussive Dancer

Improvising Arts Organizations and Venues

  1. De travers dans la gorge : l'impact du coronavirus sur la musique traditionnelle au Québec
  2. L’effet de la pandémie de la COVID-19 sur Résonances et ses artistes
  3. Presenting Our Own Narratives: Alan Greyeyes in Conversation with Melody McKiver
  4. COVID-19 and the Creative Music Ecology
  5. The Life of a Jazz Festival During a Pandemic
  6. URGNT AND ESSENTIAL: Music in Times of Crisis
  7. SILENCE: Arts Administration in the Time of COVID-19
  8. At the Intersection of the Artistic and the Practical
  9. Streaming Into the Unknown
  10. The TRANZAC and Social Problems re: COVID 19 and Performing Musicians

Improvising New Forms of Community

  1. Online Clubbing and Digital Drag: Queer Nightlife in Pandemic Times
  2. Socializing from a Distance in a Community Music Ensemble During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  3. Brysonville Schoolhouse Revisited: A Rural Open-Mic Responds to a Pandemic–An Interview with Bruce Barr and Alison Boyle
  4. "Your network bandwith is low": Online Participatory Music-Making in the COVID-19 Era
  5. A Musician's Notes: Improvising During a Pandemic
  6. Prepared for the Worst . . . and the Best: The Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hour Continues Keeping People Together During COVID-19
  7. The Poetics of Life: COVID-19, Improvising Alternatives, and the Musical Learning Community
  8. Creating the Conditions to Create: An Anti-Oppressive Lens on the Post-Pandemic Music Scene
  9. A History of Violence

Improvising Technologies

  1. Re-imagining Creative Music-making: Creative Music Series #8
  2. Black Time in the Age of COVID: Improvising Afrologically in both Telematic Performance and Public Health Policy
  3. Alone Together: Musicking in the Time of COVID-19
  4. Imperfections and Intimacies: Trebling Effects and the Improvisational Aesthetics of Pandemic-Era Livestreaming

Improvising Health, Care, and Accessibility

  1. The Veil Lifted: Inclusive Improvisation, Virtual Music Learning Environments, and the Pandemic that Unwittingly Pitted Academia Against Ableism
  2. When Singing Is Deadly: Improvising a New Reality for Music Therapists
  3. Notes From The Couch: Novel Spaces for Creation in Coronavirus-era Choral Music Education
  4. Equality in Isolation: Virtual Mobility, Accessibility, and Belonging
  5. Playing the Changes: Improvisation, Metaphor, and COVID-19

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