Critical Studies in Improvisation
Études critiques en improvisation

Volume 14, Number 2-3, 2021 Improvisation, Musical Communities, and the COVID-19 Pandemic Guest-edited by Daniel Fischlin, Laura Risk and Jesse Stewart

Table of contents (37 articles)


  1. The Poetics of Engagement: Viral Contagions and the Dream of Liveness

Improvising Creative Responses to the Pandemic: Redux

  1. untitled
  2. IndigiQueer the Space: An Interview with Ty Defoe
  3. Brûler les champs, pour voir ensuite ce qui va repousser
  4. Sawdust Collector/Spacious Season
  5. Improvising a Way Out of Darkness
  6. “We’re in the Defining Moment Where We’re Able to Figure Out What the Digital Norms are Going to Be”
  7. A Good Time to Plant Seed

Improvising Economies

  1. From the Ground Up, Again: An Interview With Michael League
  2. Musical Careers in Constant Crises: An Asynchronous Dialogue from Tehran to Athens, via Belfast and Vienna
  3. La escena de las músicas creativas improvisadas en Iberoamérica: De la música en vivo a la música online y al desierto pospandemia digital
  4. What the World Needs Now is Jazz
  5. Better Ways of Sharing
  6. Music, Mayhem, and Management: Corporate Improvisation and/as Planning in the Face of a Global Pandemic
  7. #CanadaPerforms: How it Came to Be and What We Learned About Building Virtual Communities
  8. #djlife During the Pandemic: Reflections from DJs Rearranging Relations and Improvising Continuity
  9. Rebuilding the Music Industry through Community: A Case Study of Bandcamp and Twitch during COVID
  10. "One Musician at a Time": Music, Philanthropy, and Public Policy in the Age of Coronavirus
  11. The Creative Commons is Starving: Calling for a Universal Basic Income

Improvising Technologies: Redux

  1. Listening through Webs for/of Creole Improvisation: Weaving Music II as a Case Study
  2. Time Folding • Folding Time
  3. Slowing Down
  4. Together Apart: Bitches Set Traps During Lockdown
  5. Flattening the Curve: Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra’s Use of Virtual Improvising to Maintain Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  6. Hermann’s Jazz Club: Technological Challeneges for a Venue During the Pandemic

Improvising Acoustic Ecologies at Home and in the World

  1. Place As An Extended Technique: The Quarantine Concerts & New Experiential Music Platforms
  2. Streaming and the Online Hong Kong Underground: Conversations with Two Hong Kong Improvised Music Actors
  3. The Noise Indoors: Improvisation, Community, and #StayHome
  4. Le Giannimondo : un plateau virtuel pour les musiciens pendant la crise sanitaire
  5. "Take It Outside, People!": Bridging Ecoacoustics and Improvised Music
  6. "Unmute" Bread: Listening, Improvising, and Performing with Sourdough in Quarantine

Book/Media Reviews

  1. Tele-Improvisation: Intercultural Interaction in the Online Global Music Jam Session, Springer Series on Cultural Computing, Roger Mills
  2. The Field of Musical Improvisation, Marcel Cobussen
  3. Free Jazz Communism, Sezgin Boynik and Taneli Viitahuhta
  4. The Lived Experience of Improvisation: In Music, Learning and Life, Simon Rose
  5. Dance Floor Democracy: The Social Geography of Memory at the Hollywood Canteen, Sherrie Tucker
  6. The Free Musics, Jack Wright

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