Canadian University Music Review
Revue de musique des universités canadiennes

Volume 23, Number 1-2, 2003

Table of contents (18 articles)

Colloquy / Débat

  1. On Popular Music: Philip Tagg, William Straw / À propos de musique populaire : Philip Tagg, William Straw


  1. Modèles linguistiques et analyse des structures musicales
  2. The Celluloid Waltz: Memories of the Fairground Carousel
  3. Reflections in an Eastern Mirror, or Performance of a French Vaudeville in Russia
  4. La technique 5–6 comme modèle descriptif d’un aspect de l’élaboration du vocabulaire chromatique
  5. Franz Joseph Haydn and the Five-Octave Classical Keyboard: Registral Extremes, Formal Emphases and Tonal Strategies
  6. Metrical Reinterpretations in Ursula Mamlok's Panta Rhei, IV (1981)
  7. What News on the Rialto? Fundraising and Publicity for Operas in Seventeenth-Century Venice
  8. CanCon and the Canon

Book Reviews / Recensions

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