Volume 37, Number 1, 2015 Exposer les paysages sonores Exhibiting Soundscapes Guest-edited by Marcia Ostashewski and Michael Frishkopf

Table of contents (14 articles)


  1. Introduction
  2. Exhibiting Music in a Sound Community
  3. Singing For Frog Plain : Representing Canadian/Metis Relations through Falcon’s Songs
  4. Modern singing sons of the Pharaohs : Transcriptions and Orientalism in a Digital Coptic Music Collection
  5. Virtual (music) exhibits as critical spaces of community engagement : The web portal
  6. Curating Ethnomusicology in Cyberworlds for Ethnomusicological Research : World Music in Wonderland
  7. Popular Music as an Interpretive Device for Creating Meaningful Visitor Experience in Music Museums
  8. Exhibiting Music : Case Studies in Imagining, Performing, and Collecting Sound

Articles hors-thème  / Open Topic Articles

  1. Divination, pratiques de guérison et traditions islamiques parmi des femmes d’origine ouest-africaine à Montréal
  2. Entrer dans la confidence : Ethnographie, « cancans » et rapports de force au Brésil

Comptes rendus  / Reviews

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