Volume 30, Number 2, 2006 L’influence de Marcel Mauss The influence of Marcel Mauss Guest-edited by Bernard Saladin d’Anglure

Table of contents (18 articles)

  1. Introduction: L’influence de Marcel Mauss sur l’anthropologie des Inuit
  2. Against determinism: A reassessment of Marcel Mauss’s essay on seasonal variations
  3. “A privileged field of study”: Marcel Mauss and structural anthropology in Leiden
  4. Variations saisonnières et échange-don de nourriture chez les Inuit du Nunavik
  5. Sociality, temporality and locality in a contemporary Inuit community
  6. Seeing like an Inuit family: The relationship between house form and culture in northern Canada

Hors thème / Off theme

  1. The symbolic dimensions of whale bone use in Thule winter dwellings
  2. Discours et identité à Iqaluit après l’avènement du Nunavut
  3. More bears, less bears: Inuit and scientific perceptions of polar bear populations on the west coast of Hudson Bay

Essai bibliographique / Book review essay

Recensions / Book Reviews

  1. Thèses / Dissertations

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