Volume 32, Number 2, 2008 Franz Boas et les Inuit Franz Boas and the Inuit Guest-edited by Ludger Müller-Wille

Table of contents (17 articles)

  • Franz Boas et les Inuit
  • Early anthropological discourse on the Inuit and the influence of Virchow on Boas
  • Assessing Franz Boas’ ethics in his Arctic and later anthropological fieldwork
  • The collaboration of James Mutch and Franz Boas, 1883-1922
  • Inuit settlement in the Clyde area during “contact-exploration” times (ca. 1820-1895)
  • Hors thème / Off theme

    1. The contribution of C.C. Uhlenbeck to Eskimo-Aleut linguistics
    2. Vanguard Alutiiq heritage practice and the import of expertise
    3. Negotiating identities: Inuit tuberculosis evacuees in the 1940s-1950s

    Note de recherche / Short paper

    1. The persistence of conflict avoidance among the King Island Inupiat

    Essai bibliographique / Book review essay

    Recensions / Book Reviews

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