Geoscience Canada

Volume 11, Number 1, March 1984

Table of contents (13 articles)

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    Alberta Geological Survey Research
    Earthquake Activity in the Maritime Provinces
    Use of Stratigrahpic and Structural-Facing Directions to Delineate the Geometry of Refolded Folds Near Thunder Bay, Ontario
    Witwatersrand-Type Paleoplacer Gold in the Huronian Supergroup of Ontario, Canada
    Success in Mineral Exploration: A Matter of Confidence

Conference Reports / Compte rendus de réunions

    1983 Archean Geochemistry and Early Crustal Genesis Field Workshop

Features / Rubriques

    Machinations: : Multiple collection in solid-source mass spectrometry

Book Reviews / Critiques

    Exploration Seismology Volume 1: History, Theory and Data Acquisition
    The Geology of Offshore Ireland and West Britain
    Notions de géologie avec exemples du Québec
    Sedimentation and Tectonics in Alluvial Basins

Letters / Lettres

    Letters / Lettres