Geoscience Canada

Volume 17, Number 4, December 1990

Table of contents (21 articles)

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    The eastern Churchill Province, Torngat and New Québec orogens: An overview
    Dynamics of the tectonic assembly of northeast Laurentia ingeon 18 (1.9-1.8 Ga)
    U-Pb mineral ages from northern Labrador: Possible evidence for interlayering of Early and Middle Archean tectonic slices
    Late Archean geologic history of the Nain Province, North River-Nutak map area, Labrador, and its tectonic significance
    Tectonic evolution ofthe Kuujjuaq terrene, New Québec Orogen
    Nappes in the internal zone of the northern Labrador Trough: Evidence for major early, NW-vergent basement transport
    Deformational style in the foreland of the northern New Québec Orogen
    Gravity profile and crustal structure across the northern New Québec Orogen
    Does the Labrador-Québec border area of the Rae (Churchill) Province preserve vestiges of an Archean history?
    U-Pb geochronological evidence for Archean crust in the continuation of the Rae Province (eastern Churchill Province), Grenville Front Tectonic Zone, Labrador
    Evidence d'un magmatisme d'arc protérozoïque inférieur (2.3 Ga) sur le plateau de la rivière George.
    The Abloviak shear zone and the NW Torngat Orogen, eastern Ungava Bay, Québec.
    Gravimetric transect of eastern Ungava Bay, northern Torngat Orogen.
    Basement-cover relationships and metamorphic patterns in the foreland of the Torngat Orogen in the Saglek-Hebron area, Labrador
    The Torngat Orogen in the North River-Nutak transect area of Nain and Churchill provinces
    Structural evolution of the Hudsonian Torngat Orogen in the North River map area, Labrador: Evidence for east-west transpressive collision of Nain and Rae continental blocks
    The synmetamorphic P-T-f path of granulite-facies gneisses from Torngat Orogen, and its bearing on their tectonic history
    Early Proterozoic orogenic activity adjacent to the Hopedale block of southern Nain Province
    Structural and metamorphic geochronology of the Torngat Orogen in the North River-Nutak transect area, Labrador: Preliminary results of U-Pb dating
    Les cisaillements latéraux dans l'arrière-pays des orogènes du Nouveau-Québec et de Torngat: Une revue
    The Proterozoic Nagssugtoqidian mobile belt of southeast Greenland: A link between the eastern Canadian and Baltic shields