Historical Papers
Communications historiques

Volume 3, Number 1, 1968 Calgary 1968

Table of contents (19 articles)

  1. Somewhat Narrow Horizons*
  2. Some Aspects of the Business Career of Charles Aubert de la Chesnaye (1632-1702)
  3. L’Échec de la construction navale royale à la fin du régime français
  4. The Making of a Province: Nova Scotia and Confederation
  5. La succession de Cartier, 1873-1891
  6. Pilgrimages to Ottawa: Canadian-American Diplomacy, 1903-1913
  7. James Bryce and the Establishment of the Department of External Affairs
  8. Laurier, Aylesworth, and the Decline of the Liberal Party in Ontario
  9. Nationalism in Canada’s First Century*
  10. Procopius of Caesarea and the Emperor Justinian
  11. A Household Book of Queen Isabella of England, 1311-1312
  12. Newman — Historian or Apologist?
  13. India and British Party Politics in the 1870’s: Conflicting Attitudes of Empire
  14. Bi-Cultural Societies and the Historian: Nationalism and History in India and Pakistan
  15. The Austro-Hungarian Ausgleich of 1867: Some Historians’ Views
  16. The Meeting Between Pope Pius XII and Ribbentrop
  17. List of Members/Liste des membres
  18. Report of the Treasurer/Rapport du trésorier
  19. Report of the Local History Section

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