Historical Papers

Volume 3, numéro 1, 1968 Calgary 1968

Sommaire (19 articles)

  • Somewhat Narrow Horizons*
  • Some Aspects of the Business Career of Charles Aubert de la Chesnaye (1632-1702)
  • L’Échec de la construction navale royale à la fin du régime français
  • The Making of a Province: Nova Scotia and Confederation
  • La succession de Cartier, 1873-1891
  • Pilgrimages to Ottawa: Canadian-American Diplomacy, 1903-1913
  • James Bryce and the Establishment of the Department of External Affairs
  • Laurier, Aylesworth, and the Decline of the Liberal Party in Ontario
  • Nationalism in Canada’s First Century*
  • Procopius of Caesarea and the Emperor Justinian
  • A Household Book of Queen Isabella of England, 1311-1312
  • Newman — Historian or Apologist?
  • India and British Party Politics in the 1870’s: Conflicting Attitudes of Empire
  • Bi-Cultural Societies and the Historian: Nationalism and History in India and Pakistan
  • The Austro-Hungarian Ausgleich of 1867: Some Historians’ Views
  • The Meeting Between Pope Pius XII and Ribbentrop
  • List of Members/Liste des membres
  • Report of the Treasurer/Rapport du trésorier
  • Report of the Local History Section
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