Historical Papers

Volume 10, Number 1, 1975 Edmonton 1975

Table of contents (14 articles)

  • Graduate Studies in History in Canada: The Growth of Doctoral Programmes*
  • Marriage, Family and Social Structure in an Early Modern German Town
  • Sens et portée du XVIIIe siècle en Amérique latine : le cas du Centre‑Ouest mexicain
  • An Essay on the Mexican Viceroys During the War of Independence: The Question of Legitimacy*
  • An Exercise in Futility: The Joint Commission on Indian Land in British Columbia, 1875‑1880
  • The Man Who Did Not Go To California
  • Edward Ellice and the Decision for Self‑Government, 1839
  • Looking Back at Rideau Hall
  • The Colonial Encounter: The Ideas of Auguste Comte in Nineteenth Century Bengal
  • The Industrial Workers of the World in Western Canada: 1905‑1914*
  • The Fate of City Beautiful Thought in Canada, 1893‑1930
  • The Canadian‑American Irrigation Frontier Revisited: The International Origins of Irrigation in Southern Alberta, 1885‑1909
  • Bureaucratic Opposition as a Factor in Truman’s Failure to Achieve a Columbia Valley Authority
  • Papers not Printed/Communications non imprimées
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