History of Science in South Asia

Volume 10, 2022

Table of contents (7 articles)


  1. The Evidence for Hospitals in Early India
  2. Geometrical Knowledge in Early Sri Lanka
  3. Sanskrit Recension of Persian Astronomy: The Computation of True Declination in Nityānanda’s Sarvasiddhāntarāja
  4. Gameplay as Foreplay at a Medieval Indian Court: Translation and Discussion of Mānasollāsa 5:16, Phañjikākrīḍā
  5. Three Versions of Crow Omens
  6. The Seasons in Ancient Indian Medicine: Long Winters or Extensive Rains?
  7. The Borrowings Kṣuta-/kṣut- (“Inimical”) and Vidumāla- (“Retrograde”) in Sanskrit Astrological Texts and the Representation of Semitic ʿayn in Similar Loans


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