International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 19, Number 4, September 2018

Table of contents (17 articles)


Research Articles

  1. Influence of Learning Design of the Formation of Online Communities of Learning
  2. Effect of Communication Management on Distance Learners’ Cognitive Engagement in Malaysian Institutions of Higher Learning
  3. How do Virtual Teams Collaborate in Online Learning Tasks in a MOOC?
  4. Troubleshooters for Tasks of Introductory Programming MOOCs
  5. MOOC Makers: Professors’ Experiences With Developing and Delivering MOOCs
  6. Pushing Toward a More Personalized MOOC: Exploring Instructor Selected Activities, Resources, and Technologies for MOOC Design and Implementation
  7. Motivation and Knowledge: Pre-Assessment and Post-Assessment of MOOC Participants From an Energy and Sustainability Project
  8. Defining OER-Enabled Pedagogy
  9. A Framework for Implementing OER-Based Lesson Design Activities for Pre-Service Teachers
  10. Critical Factors of the Adoption of e-Textbooks: A Comparison Between Experienced and Inexperienced Users
  11. “Doing the courses without stopping my life”: Time in a professional Master’s program
  12. Developing a Mobile App for Learning English Vocabulary in an Open Distance Learning Context
  13. Parents’ and Students’ Attitudes Toward Tablet Integration in Schools
  14. The Expansion of Higher Education and the Returns of Distance Education in China

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