Italian Canadiana

Volume 34, 2020 New Perspectives in Italian Canadian Writing: Dynamics of Cultural Inheritance Guest-edited by Delia De Santis

Table of contents (32 articles)

  1. Foreword
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Introduction
  4. In Memoriam


  1. Thirty Years of Italian-Canadian Writing and the AICW
  2. The Representation of Italy in Caterina Edwards’ The Sicilian Wife and Rita Ciresi’s Sometimes I Dream in Italian
  3. The Dynamics of Cultural Transition
  4. Translating Migrations, (Re)Presenting Cultures in Transit: Licia Canton’s “The Motorcycle”
  5. Unmasking Motherhood: Journeys of Self-Discovery in Mary Melfi’s Italy Revisited: Conversations with My Mother and Genni Gunn’s Tracing Iris
  6. Multicultural Little Italy: A Literary Comparison of Canadian and US Urban Enclaves
  7. Queer Appetites: Embodied Desire in Monica Meneghetti’s What the Mouth Wants

Personal Essays

  1. What Does it Mean to Be White in America: My Multi-Metamorphoses
  2. Cross My Heart
  3. Blindsided by the American Dream

Creative Writing

  1. The Motorcycle
  2. La moto
  3. Rules, Not to Be Broken
  4. Advice from a Brigantessa
  5. “My Fears Dissolve / into Tranquil Blue”
  6. A Family Secret
  7. Wind Lover
  8. The Visitor
  9. Toys of War
  10. An Excerpt from the Script Loving Crazy
  11. Le mie radici nel “Soo”
  12. Myth & Memory
  13. Il satiro danzante di Mazara e l’antica Morgantina
  14. Last Supper in Cori
  15. Smell of Roses at Night


  1. Michelle Alfano on Her Memoir, The Unfinished Dollhouse
  2. A Cross-cultural, Trans-generational Portrait of Italian-Canadians in Adriana Monti’s Two Short Films
  3. George Amabile on War, Trauma, the Creative Process, and His Latest Collection Martial Music

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